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From the very beginning, we developed Multifamily Partner to be unique. The program is modeled after our own success building a real estate portfolio worth more than $100 million. 

There are plenty of apartment or commercial investing education programs that come and go in the market and all of them were incomplete in some material way. Many are just 3-5 day long motivational events called bootcamps where you forget 50% of the information within 1 week of the course. Others are nothing more than repackaged materials from another guru stuffed in a binder and read out loud and recorded so that it’s multimedia. Or it’s just a book with no one to ask questions and help guide you.

We don’t do any of that.

We are a training company. So we are 100% focused on student outcomes. After you complete Multifamily Partner, you’ll be able to build a portfolio of stable, income-producing apartment investments to create the lifestyle you choose.

“Our goal is to help you become a successful apartment investor with one single investment and a lifetime of support.”

No other program or apartment investment training company offers the unique combination of mentor/coach driven benefits that we do.


You will learn the complete multifamily investing ecosystem. Nothing is left out. All of our programs are here to help you achieve apartment investing results. This means that we don’t leave anything out. There are no advanced classes, upsells, or “elite” coaching programs. Simply determine:

  • Where you are today,
  • Your apartment investing goals, and
  • How quickly you want to bridge that gap.




37th Parallel Properties


There’s a gap in the industry – until now, there has been no other program that equips you with the complete set of knowledge, skills, and experience to be truly successful in multifamily apartment investing. Multifamily Partner addresses this gap through a comprehensive training program using the most proven methods available.


Since our goal is to help you become a complete multifamily investor, we follow the same teaching and training processes used to train pilots and doctors. This means that you will follow a proven progression from best-in-class books, outcome focused practice, to experiential learning that progresses from mild interaction to solo work – all while having full access to successful professional investors that will mentor you along the way. So you can avoid the big mistakes that derail new investors and get real results.


Multifamily Investing Coaching

You get direct 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring from people that are vested in your best interests and have gone before you. Mentoring and coaching is one of – if not the most – critical success factor to becoming a successful apartment investor.


“For me personally and most every other successful apartment investor I’ve talked to, mentoring was the answer. By having a great mentor I was able to go from a 6-unit building and a 12-unit building to a 112-unit building and over 5 year period owner of a $100 Million commercial real estate portfolio.” – Chad Doty (CEO, 37th Parallel Properties)


If you search you will find 211 listings for apartment investing books. That’s right 211.


At best you will get accurate but watered down information from someone that has acquired a few apartment units. At worst you will get recycled or outdated information that will make it almost impossible for you to be successful if you follow it.

At Multifamily Partner, you learn what works today and will reliably work in the future with no theory and no fluff. We acquire $20 Million or more in new apartment projects every year for a living.We know what works.


Proven Apartment Investing

Multifamily Partner was created from the very beginning to be a single investment, outcome focused approach to training. This means our goal is not to sell you another course or a separate coaching program, or in any other way help you become a chronic student. Our mission is to help you become a successful apartment investor.


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To be a successful multifamily investor you need the right mix of education, experience, and capital. When you’re new however, it’s sometimes difficult to demonstrate the right levels of all three needs. This is where partnering makes all the difference in the world. Imagine how successful you could be partnering with a specialized multifamily acquisitions and asset management company with over $100 million in AUM.


Apartment Investing Mentor

  • No hassle, no questions asked guarantee; simply request program withdrawal and refund within ten (10) calendar days of completion of the first on-site workshop
  • Program success guarantee enabling ongoing coaching and mentoring beyond program completion to support your complete training growth and success
  • Pay once guarantee with lifelong access to the full library of program materials 

Multifamily Partner Community

As a Multifamily Partner graduate you will have ongoing access to a strong and consistently growing community of successful professional investors. Twice a month all graduates and partners participate in the Opportunity Review Board to discuss current projects and capital development opportunities in the pipeline. You will also be able to retake any class and any onsite whenever you choose. Many of our students have told us that just the community alone is worth the price of admission.

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