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We help you achieve multifamily apartment investing success based on our own experience growing a real estate investment firm to $695,000,000 in transaction volume.

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The Multifamily Partner Program packages our real-world experience as investors to help you achieve real investment results

All our training is delivered by active, proven real estate professionals managing a portfolio worth more than $695,000,000 in commercial multifamily transactions. Our team acquires between $50 million and $100 million in new assets each year, raising funds through private and capital investors while providing stable investments with ongoing cash flow.

  • “The last 18 months have been extremely busy acquiring over 600 heavy value add units and a few triple net lease deals. We implemented a capital improvement campaign on the assets and were able to stabilize then decrease expenses and drive revenues, and today are seeing great returns.”
    Daniel B., M.D.
    MPP Graduate
  • From beginning to end, this program helps me every day. Whether it’s selecting markets, finding good property management or underwriting deals, this program gives me the confidence to immediately make an impact.
    Patrick C.
    MPP Graduate
  • Since completing the program, we’ve immersed ourselves in the Dallas market and recently closed on our first deal. We are now implementing an upgrade program to increase rents and decreases costs, and plan on acquiring several more deals in the next 9 months.
    Bill M.
    MPP Graduate
  • This program changed my life, it allows me to play a bigger game and live my life at a different level. It’s not just theoretical, it’s hands-on training. It’s a great opportunity to create a more secure financial future by knowing how to invest the right way.
    Tony G.
    MPP Graduate

The Multifamily Partner Program started as a result of our parent company’s success.

This program is managed by the team at 37th Parallel Properties, a total-return focused private real estate investment company. The firm’s mission is to provide stable investments for investors that want better long-term returns from their investments.

Since 2008, 37th Parallel Properties has produced real results for clients. This program was borne out of the specific request from investors asking to learn how to achieve the same results first hand.

We have always looked to educate our clients on best practices for market selection, due diligence, lending, asset management, etc. In 2011, we formalized this education into the Multifamily Partner Program. 

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Our education team is committed to your success.

All of our educators are full-time investors through our parent company 37th Parallel Properties. Their day-to-day interaction with an investment portfolio of $695,000,000 in transaction volume assures you receive a high-quality educational experience.

Chad Doty
Managing Partner

Dan Chamberlain
Managing Partner

Kieran Donohue
Director of Education

Don Duncan
Investor Relations

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