About Us


To do that it’s helpful for you to understand our history and where we come from.

The parent company of Multifamily Partner, 37th Parallel Properties, is a total-return focused private real estate investment company whose mission is to provide stable commercial multifamily investments for individual investors that want better long term returns from their investments.  With $100 Million in assets under management and delighted investors across all US time zones and internationally, we have a track record of success and our clients can attest to our results.

Each year we hold an annual investor conference so that we can share in the success of the company, answer client questions, and share our market expectations for the next 3 to 5 years.  This is a great event for our clients, equity owners, and principals.

At the end of our annual conference in 2010 we had investors approaching us to not only thank us for the results they’ve achieved as passive investors, but to ask another very important question.

“How do I learn how to do what you do and build my own apartment portfolio?”


Their investments were doing well but they wanted to play a bigger game and learn how to find, evaluate, and invest in their own apartment projects.  At that time we were exclusively focused on the investment side of the business.  We had always looked to educate our clients on how we selected markets, due diligence best practices, lending, asset management, etc. It was however, always from the perspective of a passive investor and as a function of being the best investment company possible for our client family.

Our perspective changed shortly thereafter though based on the combination of three factors:

  1. The most proven way to become successful in commercial multifamily real estate investing is through partnering and mentoring.  No other method comes close in terms of completeness and speed.
  2. We are passionately focused on helping our clients achieve their investment goals.
  3. Partnering is a natural and effective growth accelerator for our business.  The proverbial win-win.

From here, Multifamily Partner was born.

Our Three-part Guarantee

  • No hassle, no questions asked guarantee; simply request program withdrawal and refund within ten (10) calendar days of completion of the first on-site workshop
  • Program success guarantee enabling ongoing coaching and mentoring beyond program completion to support your complete training growth and success
  • Pay once guarantee with lifelong access to the full library of program materials 

One of the most important, if not the most important, component of any training and coaching program is the source.

Specifically, who is doing the teaching and coaching?


Chad Doty

CEO and Co-Founder


Dan Chamberlain

Chief Operating Officer


Kieran Donohue

Director of Education


Don Duncan

Principal, Investor Relations

Some key facts about the Multifamily Partner team:

  • We have over $125 Million in assets under management across 13 multifamily properties
  • We acquire $35 million to $55 million in new assets every year
  • We have qualified for over $100 million in new debt over the past 7 years
  • We raise through private investors $15 to $20 million a year, while providing them an excellent stable investment
  • We have a passion for teaching and bring several non real estate skill sets to the program – management consulting, investment management, corporate communications, operational enhancement, productivity/achievement coaching and more.

You get the opportunity to learn from active successful professional real estate investors who have gone before you.

We know the challenges you face, because we have overcome them ourselves.  And, we can teach you how to as well.

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