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The Metrics of Investment Selection

The comprehensive guide to investment selection.

Understand all the metrics to select the right investments for your portfolio.

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Learning from the right source is critical. With over $695,000,000 in asset transactions and nearly 70 years of combined experience. We teach what works.

The #1 reason new apartment investors fail is they follow the wrong process and do everything backwards. You will learn how to do it right from the start.

Chad Doty
Managing Partner

About The Author

Chad Doty is the Managing Partner of 37th Parallel Properties and creator of Multifamily Partner®. He focuses on acquiring and managing high-quality apartment investments across the U.S. and helping other new investors do the same.

After leaving a successful management consulting business in 2005, Chad increased his monthly income and net worth through multifamily investing. His personal financial success, and his desire to help others have similar success, led to the founding of 37th Parallel Properties in 2007.

The private multifamily acquisitions and asset management firm now has over $695,000,000 in asset transactions with delighted investors in 13 times zones across the U.S. and Internationally.

Today he splits his time between the active investment business and training others on how to become a successful multifamily investor.

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