Why We Agree with Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett invests in commercial real estate. It’s true. This recent article outlines how Buffett has applied his successful investment strategies to his real estate holdings. He has some great points. You should focus on cash flow when making an investment decision in real estate. And it is a lot easier to hold onto a property when it is generating healthy yield.

Freddie Mac continues its aggressive activity in the multifamily sector. Those that remember the housing crisis of a few years ago might see this as a risk. However, Freddie Mac approaches its commercial underwriting very conservatively. Only 1 in 5,000 commercial multifamily loans become distressed.

If you are thinking about taking your apartment investment career to the next level, we can tell you almost everything in this article is right. The big take-away is this: Getting started can be intimidating. Leveraging a mentor is the best way to get over that hurdle. And it is so very worth it.

Thanksgiving was more than a week ago, but this piece on gratitude strikes a chord. Being grateful is good for you. And you have a far greater influence on your gratitude than you might think.

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