Why A Growing Workforce is Good For The Economy

A good sign for the U.S. economy is the rise of working Millennials. By adding more eligible workers to the employment pool, the economy will grow for the next decade and beyond. A growing economy is good news for apartment investors.

More jobs aren’t enough. Wages also need to grow. This trend needs to be watched closely as more young Americans enter the workforce. Further, look for markets that see positive job growth and wage growth.

It looks like oil prices have hit bottom. Still, they are much lower than a year ago. Is this good news? Even for markets that have a heavy dependence on the energy industry? In general, lower oil prices are good for consumers. Even if there is a slight contraction in energy exploration, lower fuel prices will boost other sectors of the economy.

To-do lists are growing and the grind is back in full force. Time management has never been more important. Our best partners are superb time managers. I think #5 is the best advice in the whole column.

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