Where Will The Millennials Go

There is an interesting divergence of opinion among commercial real estate analysts. All agree the pent up demand created by Boomerang Kids will eventually loosen up and hit the market. Some contend that these stay at home millennials will transition directly to home ownership. We think the economic headwinds facing Echo Boomers will keep them in the rental market longer than previous generations. So far, the numbers are proving this analysis correct.

I have noticed recently how many mainstream media outlets are paying attention to the apartment sector. This New York Times piece takes a deeper look at the disparity between multifamily and single family home permits.

If you want a thoughtful look at the potential long-term impacts of a “renter economy,” this article has some interesting insight. Most fascinating takeaway: Despite having 400,000 less residents since the 1970’s, more people are renting in Philadelphia than ever before.

Most successful entrepreneurs have established routines in the morning to get their day started on the right foot. This article offers some conventional and unconventional advice for your morning routine.

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