Multifamily Marches On

The multifamily market continues humming along. All market indices continue to improve. Despite all the talk about surging inventory, higher vacancy and stagnant rents, the facts tell us otherwise. Not every market is experiencing this good news. These are national trends. Still, if you are in a market with positive economic growth, commercial multifamily has a strong future.

Mortgage delinquencies continue to decrease. This is a good thing. Less foreclosures mean a more stable housing market. Multifamily investing is not about capitalizing on others’ poor fortune. A healthy housing market is good news for the economy. It creates jobs. And with jobs come renters.

While technically not a GSE, Ginnie Mae is a government entity that securitizes both multifamily and single family loans. Ginnie Mae is more conservative then Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Their continued activity in the multifamily sector is a strong endorsement.

I will admit, I rarely look to the multifamily sector for innovation. But this article caught my attention. I have no idea if this concept is going to take off and change the face of multifamily construction. My guess is likely not. If it does take hold, we will see inventory hit the streets at a faster pace. Ultimately, this looks more impactful for developers. For operators, provided maintenance costs for modular apartments are similar to traditional structures, this should not be much of a change.

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