Improving Jobs Picture is Good News for Apartment Investors

The latest news and notes for active commercial multifamily investors:

The nation’s employment picture continues to improve. This is good news for the economy. It is also good news for apartment investors. Jobs = renters.

There is more outstanding student loan debt than auto or credit card debt. Further, student loan debt is unforgivable. Even bankruptcy does not free you from your student loan obligations. High monthly loan payments are keeping young Americans from saving for down payments or qualifying for mortgages. Now, it seems even Baby Boomers are struggling to rid themselves of their student loans. The student loan burden will continue to boost the renter pool for the next decade or more.

It’s far easier to change course than it is to get started. The one regret I hear most often from successful apartment investors is that they wished they had started earlier. This article takes a look at the damaging consequences of inaction.

If you ever hear someone tell you that Wall Street is the only safe place to invest, you should make them read this story.

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