Don't Let Inventory Levels Fool You

By Kieran
The latest news for active commercial multifamily investors:
  • MFAMStarts2015There's a difference between short-term market conditions and long-term market trends. Inventory surges are a perfect example of a market condition. When too many units are hitting the market, developers will eventually slow down the rate of construction. This might take a year or two. If your market is experiencing a spike in new inventory you need to lower rent growth projections. You should also be reducing your expected occupancy numbers. These are all short-term measures. A smart investment in a healthy market can handle these kinds of hiccups.
  • In commercial multifamily, you make your money when you operate your business efficiently. Seasoned operators are not afraid of the "dark cloud of equilibrium". They thrive in such an environment.
  • We have noticed an increase in the number of deals hitting the market. If your market has strong long term fundamentals (e.g. population growth, employment growth), this is a great opportunity to buy.
  • It can be easy to underestimate the size of the multifamily sector. Last year there was more than $106 Billion invested in multifamily. You could have raised $100 Million dollars last year and that would have represented less than one tenth of 1% of multifamily investing. It's a deep pool. You should dive in.

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